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We have two companies operating together under ONE ROOF namely MINICON THERMAL SYSTEMS & YASH HITECH SYSTEMS with a COMMON AIM, to become ONE STOP SHOP for all the imported mono-bloc burner parts, accessories and controls, in the field of combustion & heating to cater to different applications and variety of customers using oil and gas as a fuel.

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Monarch Nozzles

Oil burner nozzles of type OD series are designed for Commercial High Pressure Burners operating with Light and Heavy oil.
Different Spray Angles of 30, 45, 60, 80 degrees
Spray patterns of Hollow (H), Solid (S), Semi solid (B).
These are made of Brass with SS hardened tip on top.
These nozzles are available Ex. Stock with us.
DANFOSS, Denmark

DANFOSS, Denmark

Danfoss Nozzles

These are Oil Burner Nozzles for industrial applications for Light, Medium and Heavy Oils.
Capacity in USgal/hr available from 0.40 upto 100 gph, calibrated at 100 psi pressure.
Spray angles of 30, 45, 60, 80 and 90 degrees.
Spray patterns of R, PLP and HO depending upon type of oil & applications can be used.
HO nozzles are specifically designed for Heavy Oil and All Nozzles are individually tested.
Monarch Nozzles with by-pass attachments fitted are available in some specific sizes Ex. Stock with us.
Other sizes can be fitted with these by-pass attachments on request and against specific order from customers.
Danfoss Oil Pumps

Danfoss oil pumps are available in different models depending upon capacity in Lph, Pressure and type of Fuel being used.
These are available in BFP, RSA and RSH series.
These are having very high quality Viton Seals and also suitable for very Light Fuels like Kerosene and 10% Bio-diesel etc.
Pump models BFP 21 R3/L3, BFP 21 R5/L5, BFP 41L3 and BFP 10L6/R6 are available Ex. Stock with us
Danfoss Burner Controller

Models OBC 82.10 and 84.10 available in stock.
Microprocessor based controller offers Stable and Precise Timings.
Suitable for One / two stage burners upto 30 kg/hr capacity with and without preheater.

Danfoss Photocells

Danfoss photo resistors of type LD and LDS Series are suitable for to detect flame in yellow flame burners.
These are compatible with Danfoss OBC and BHO controllers and are available in black and red color indicating normal and high sensitivity of photo resistors.
These are available in different Cable Lengths and with suitable Clamp & Flange for Mounting Purposes.

Danfoss EBI Transformers

These are new EBI series 4 transformers of electronic type D and these are lead fee and RoHs compliant.
These are available for both Intermittent and Continuous Duty for single pole and two pole variety for small and medium Oil and Gas Burners.
Models available are EBI4 - 052F 4030 / 4038 / 4034 / 4040 / 4036 and 4031 varieties with plug in type primary cable.
These are already in built with suitable interference suppression free filters to overcome field disturbances in panels.

SUNTEC, France

SUNTEC, France

Suntec Oil Pump Accessories

These are small but Important Parts available.
Can be used in conjunction with these oil pumps like, solenoid coils, hubs / plates for conversion from 32 to 54mm, shaft seals kits, cover kits, plugin cables, small couplings etc.

Suntec Oil Pumps AS, AN, AE, AT2, A2L, D, E Series

These are all Different Varieties and Models of Standard Range of low, medium and high capacity pumps available for different burners for wide variety of oils from kerosene, bio-diesel, HSD, Furnace oil etc.
These pump models are having Different Direction of Rotation i.e. Clockwise & Anticlockwise, with Different Features and Connection Ports.
Pump models AS 47 C/A, AS 67 C/A, AN 67 A/B/C, AE 67 / 97, AT2 45 C/A, A2L 75 CK, D57 C/A, D67 C/A, E6 NB 1001, E7 NA 1001, E6 NC 1001, E4 NC 1069, E6 NC 1069, E7 NC 1069, E4 NA 1070 , E6 NA 1070 etc. are available Ex. Stock with us.

Suntec Oil Pumps T and TA series

These pumps are used for Large Burners with Heavy Fuel Oils like Furnace Oil etc with oil temperature ranging upto 120°C.
Popular models are TA 2C, TA 3C, TA 4C, T3 C, T4 C and T5 C are available Ex. Stock with us.
COFI, Italy

COFI, Italy

Cofi Winding Type / Electronic Transformers

Cofi Winding type / Electronic transformers available in single pole and two pole versions, different combinations of output voltages in kV, mA and ED ratings, with primary 230V & 110V.
Models available are TRE, TRS and TRG series with intermittent and continuous (100%) duty ratings.
Models are TRE 820, TRE 820P, TRS 830P, TRS 818PC, TRG 1020C, TRE 820 PISO are available Ex. Stock with us.

Ignition Cable, Teflon Cable

Silicone rubber high voltage ignition cable available in diameters of 4.7mm and 7mm.
Teflon cable in diameter of 2.7mm.
Different varieties of Copper Connecting Lugs, Insulation Caps etc as well as cable with readymade factory Crimped Lugs available in fixed lengths for safe operation.
ECEE, France

ECEE, France

Burner Controller MA55

These are Oil Burner Controller with Sequence for Solenoid Valve with pre-purge and with pre and post Ignition Cycle.
These are Suitable and Compatible with their Matching Photocell Model no 8209.

Burner Controller MA810

These are Oil Burner Controller with Sequence for Solenoid Valve with pre-purge and with pre and post Ignition Cycle.
These are Suitable and Compatible with their Matching Photocell Model no 8205.
Also Burner Controller MA150.01 available on request.
Photocell 8205

Photocell 8205 : This is used to detect the presence of flame in the burner and this can be used along with the controller MA810.

Photocell 8209

This is used to detect the presence of flame in the burner and this can be used along with the controller MA55.


Fyrite Insight

Five in one steady state combustion analyser, B-SMART sensors.
To check combustion efficiency and measure flue gas parameters.
Measures O2, CO and CO2 (by calculations).


Definitive combustion and emission analyser.
Exclusive B-SMART sensor Technology Factory Calibrated Sensors.
Measures O2, CO, CO high, NO, NO2, SO2 and combustion efficiency.
Available in different combination of any four sensors.
No need of instrument to be sent for calibration to service centre.

Gas Leak Detectors

Portable Hand Held Gas Leak Detectors for Pipeline Leaks.
Suitable for all combustible gases like LPG, CNG, Propane.
3 models based on mode and sensitivity, Leakator Junior, Leakator 10 and Informant 2.
DUNGS, Germany

DUNGS, Germany

Dungs Valve Proving Systems VPS, VDK, DSLC , VPM Series

These valve proving systems are suitable to check and ensure the leak proof ness of MultiBloc Valves used in the system.
VDK Series is suitable for testing leak proof ness for two single solenoid valves in the pipeline.
DSLC/ VPM Series can be used for system leakage test which is an electro-mechanical/ electronic device.

Dungs Gas Filters

These are available is sizes from 1/2" upto 2" in Threaded Versions.
From 1 1/2" and above in Flanged Versions.
Available Operating Pressure Range of 200 mbar and 4 Bar.

Dungs Pressure Switches

These pressure switches are available both for Air and Gas.
These are available in different models and suitable for different applications.
Popular models are LGW - A2, LGW - A2P, LGW A4, GW - A6, GW- A5 series with different Set Pressure Ranges are available.
Other specific models are Weather Proof Versions are available from Dungs Range of Pressure Switches from the specific product program.

Dungs Pressure Regulators FRS, FRNG, FRN, FRSBV Series

These are Gas Pressure Regulators used for Regulating the Inlet and Outlet Pressure of the Gas and suitable for different Applications.
Max operating pressure allowable is 0.5 bar.
Outlet pressure range can be obtained and changed by different Springs available for different Pressure Settings.

Dungs Servomotors

Dungs Servomotors are available for actuation of Dungs Butterfly Valves and Dungs Linear Flow Control Valves.
These Servomotors are available in 3 Nm and 10 Nm Torque, with 230V AC, 110V AC and 24V DC.
They can provide controls using cams, 4-20mA signal and 0 - 10V and position feedback using Potentiometer, 4-20mA signal and 0 - 10V.

Dungs Solenoid Valves MVD, MVD-LE Series

These are Single Solenoid Valves available in Fast Opening and Slow Opening Versions with main flow rate adjustable.
These are available in Maximum Operating Pressure ranges of 200 mbar, 360 mbar and 500 mbar, size range from 3/8" to 6".
Also MV Series Valves are available upto max operating pressure of 1 bar in sizes 1/2" and 3/4".

Dungs Butterfly Valves HFSV Series

These are Butterfly Valves- one stage with Pneumatic Drive in sizes available from DN50 upto DN300.
Single Stage Butterfly Valves are used for applications requiring Pneumatic Control.
These are available in sizes 2" to 12" in flanged versions, available for inlet pressures upto 3 bars.
Popular models are HFSV series.

MVD and MVDLE Series

Dungs Solenoid Valves are available for both Combustible Gases like LPG, CNG and Air.
These are available in single and two stage controls right from 1/4" up to 8" in threaded/ flanged versions.
These are available in 200mbar, 500mbar and 1 bar versions.
These series are popularly known as MVD and MVDLE.

Manual Reset Valves

Manual Reset Valves are used in applications where manual intervention is required to open the valve again on account of power failure.
These are available in sizes from 3/4" to 4" in Threaded / Flanged versions.
Popular models are HSAV series.

Dungs Double Solenoid Valves and Multiblocs

Dungs Double Solenoid Valves and Multiblocs are of modular construction with two valves fitted in series, one Slow Opening and one Fast Opening or both Fast Opening and these are very convenient for Mounting Pressure Switches, Valve Proving Systems etc.
These are available in sizes from 3/8" to 5" and from Inlet Pressures of 500mbar and 5 bar.
Popular models are in DMV-D and DMV-DLE series.
Multibloc valves are also Double Solenoid Valves in series used for low pressure multi-functional applications upto 360mbar.
They are modular in construction and they can provide single and two stage control as well as air gas ratio regulation control.
It is very convenient to Mount Pressure Switches and Valve Proving Systems on these blocs.
Popular models are MB-DLE, MB-ZRDLE and MBC-SE, MBC-VEF series.

Dungs Multiple Actuator MBC-SE Series

Dungs Multiple Actuator MBC-SE series consists of Inlet Gas Filter Pad, 2 nos Solenoid Valves in Series, Servo Gas Pressure Regulator, with max allowable Inlet Pressure of 360 mbar and max outlet pressure setting possible from as low as 4 mbar to 300 mbar, available in sizes from ½" to 4", with voltage options of 230V AC, 110V AC and 24V DC.
Popular models available are MBC 300 - SE, MBC 700 - SE and MBC 1200 - SE which are available Ex.stock with us.

Dungs Multiple Actuator MBC-VEF Series

Dungs multiple actuator MBC-VEF series consists of Inlet Gas Filter Pad, 2 nos Solenoid Valves in Series, Servo Air-Gas Pressure Regulator, with max allowable Inlet Pressure of 360 mbar outlet pressure setting ratio from gas : air 0.4 : 1 to 3 : 1, available in sizes from ½" to 4", with voltage options of 230V AC, 110V AC and 24V DC.
Popular models available are MBC 300 - VEF, MBC 700 - VEF and MBC 1200 - VEF which are available Ex.stock with us.

Dungs Controller MPA-41 Series

These are Automatic Burner Controls with or without Pilot Gas in particular for Industrial Thermo-Processing Equipments.
These are Fully Programmable Controllers and the Complete Sequence of Burner Operation can be programmed and locked as per customer requirements.

Dungs Safety Release Valves

These safety release valves are used to protect the systems from over pressures in the gas trains in the event of sudden overpressures due to closure of solenoid valves
So that the when the line is charged with over pressure than the set pressure, it will allow the release of gas from the system and it is recommended to leave the vent line from this valve safely outside of the building.
These are available in sizes of only 1" and the pressure setting is available from 20 mbar to 1000 mbar using different set of springs as per requirements.
The maximum allowable inlet pressure of the gas is 1 bar.
Popular model is FRSBV 1010.
SIEMENS, Germany

SIEMENS, Germany

Siemens Burner Controllers, Photocells, U. V. Cells LOA, LMO, LME, LAL and LFL series

These are oil and gas Burner Controllers, Photocells, U. V. Cells suitable for small, medium and large capacity Burners with different combinations of burner program sequences as per burner mfrs requirements.
These are coming with Different Model Nos and Combinations based on Parameters and Time Sequences.
These are Compatible with different photocells and U.V. cells of Siemens.

Siemens Burner Controllers, Models

Siemens Burner Controllers, Models LOA 24, LME 21 / 22, LAL 1.25, LAL 2.25, LFL 1.333, LFL 1.322, LFL 1.635, LFL 1.335 etc are available Ex. Stock with us.
Both 230V and 110V

Siemens Photocells / U.V.Cells QRB 3, QRA 2 Series

These photocells are Compatible and can be used with Respective Siemens Controllers as above for different oil and Gas Burner Applications and their requirements.
Model QRA 2 is available Ex. Stock with us.

Siemens U.V.Cell QRA 10C and QRA 10MC

These are Ultra Violet Cells provided with Electronic Circuit and Housing given for additional protection of the cell inside with a provision to use air for cooling purposes to enhance the life of the cell.
These are of Normal and High Sensitivity as per requirements of the Burner and the Flame Intensity.
Models QRA 10C and QRA 10 MC, QRA 55 etc are available Ex. Stock with us.

Siemens Photocells QRB 1 Black and Red Color

These photocells are used to Detect the Presence of Flame in the Yellow Flame Burner and can be used along with Controller LOA 24.
Model QRB 1 is available Ex. Stock with us.

Siemens Servomotors

Wide Range and Varieties of Siemens make Servomotors are available in different series like SQN, SQM with variety of different combinations for different makes of burners and different applications and specifications.
Some popular models are kept in ready stock by us, rest can be ordered against specific request from customers.
Their position can be controlled by means of Mechanical Cams, Potentiometer, 4 - 20mA Signal and CAN bus.
They are available in 24V DC, 110V AC, 230V AC.
Popular models are SQM 10, SQM 33, SQM 40, SQM 41, SQM 44, SQM 48, SQM 55, and SQN 3, SQN 7, SQN 72, SQN 75 and SQN 9 series.
ELSTER, Germany

ELSTER, Germany

Gas Meters DM/DE Series from Elster / Kromschroder Germany

These are Turbine Wheel Flow Meters procured directly from Elster, Germany.
Gas Flow Rates range are from actual flow of 10 m3/hr to 1600 m3/hr.
These are available in sizes from 1", 2", 3", 4" and 6".
These are available with low frequency reed contact, 7 digit mechanical roller counter and maximum allowable gas pressure upto 4 bar.
These meters are available with the option for Electronic readout, to give the instantaneous flow reading in m3/hr.
We would recommend to install the gas filters of appropriate size to be installed just ahead of this gas flow meter for protection of dirt and better life and operation. The ball valves controlling
The flow of gas to this meter should be opened or closed slowly and not with sudden jerk so as to have better operational life of the gas meter.


Giuliani Anello Gas Filters

Gas filters are used to Purify the Gas and make it Clean.
These facilitate Trouble Free Burner Operation.
These are available up to Max Operating Pressure of 6 bar.
Available in sizes from 1/2" to 6" in Threaded / Flanged versions.

Giuliani Anello, Italy (Now known as Watts Industries)

Gas Filters are available in sizes from 1/2" to 6" with a maximum operating pressures of 6 bar.
Gas Pressure Regulators are available up to 1bar and 4 bar range and up to flow rates of 500Nm3/hr of Natural gas.
These are available in different sizes right from 1/2" to 2" in Threaded Versions and from 2" to 4" in Flanged Versions.
Popular models and series are FGD, FGDR, FG1B, FS1B, ST1B, ST4B, ST4B ... BM and Air-gas ratio regulators in GAVR series.

Oil Filters

These are small cup type Oil Filters used for Small Burners for light oil filtration just before the entry of oil to the burners.
These are available different sizes from 1/4" and above with bottom Plastic Body / Aluminum Body.
These filters elements are made up of SS Wire Mesh and it can be opened up and cleaned as required.

Giuliani Anello Slam Shutoff Valves

These are slam shutoff valves means that in case of over pressure in the system, this valve will shut the gas in the pipeline and prevent the down stream system from the damage due to over pressure.
These are available in sizes from ¾" to 6" and with maximum allowable Inlet pressure of gas as 6 bar and shut off setting pressure range between 80 to 550 mbar.


Elet Plast Connectors

Elet Plast Connectors - Set of male & female connectors - with options of 4pole, 5pole, 6 pole & 7pole connections, available for wiring in different applications providing very easy connection and safety of no mismatch during maintenance and repairs.
These are Male Female set of connectors used in monbloc burners for ease of maintenance and to ensure correct wiring anf fixation again without disconnecting the wires.
These are imported by us from Elet- Plast Italy.
Models available Ex. Stock with us are in 4 pole, 5 pole 6 pole and 7 pole male + female connectors.


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